Structural Engineering

If your project includes any structural changes, your building control submission will have to include structural calculations. We serve London and surrounding areas.

Structural engineering calculations cover the methods used to dig foundations, any structural works, supporting walls, beams, joists, rafters, load bearings and / or concrete reinforcement and other materials to be used, as well as any measurements and calculations needed.

Summit can provide those calculations and any other structural engineering services you might need for your construction project.

If you already have planning drawings made up, we can collaborate with architects, builders and project managers to get your job done.

Our Structural engineering team provides detailed engineering solutions for all residential and commercial requirements.

Structural engineering calculations are used for:

  • Steel beams
  • Steel connection details
  • Padstones or spreader plates
  • Timber sizes
  • Foundation details
  • Specialist foundations such as piles or rafts
  • Lintels or Catnics
  • Retaining walls
  • Any wall details
You may also need construction drawings if your project is large.

Summit Services

Find below a range of services provided by Summit Architecture.


Steels are needed to support floors and walls. Engineering calculations provide the sizes of the steels and prove that the steels can support the loads on them. Engineers calculate the size of timbers in your extension - these timbers are used for floors and roofs.


All buildings require a foundation to build off. Sometimes, foundations require specialist Engineering input - this can be down to soil conditions, proximity to water or any specialist site conditions. Whatever your site requirements are, we can design the right foundations for you.

Steel Calculations

These can range from 1 steel for a simple wall removal to complicated steel frame designs for multi storey developments.

Loft Conversions

Require engineering calculations for steels and timber sizes. A typical loft conversion requires ¾ steel calculations and calculations for the roof and floor timber sizes.


Basements require comprehensive Engineering design. Typically, a soil test is carried out to ascertain the soil type and build up - this information is then used to design the concrete sub ground supports for the basement.

New Builds

The Engineering in New Build houses is similar to Extensions. However, site specific conditions may apply.

Onsite Bespoke Solutions

One of our qualified engineers can visit your property, assess the issue and send over a detailed report. The report will also contain details on how to fix the problem.


If you wish to remove a wall to create an open plan space or wish to add an external door or window, then Engineering calculations are required to design steel beams or lintel to support the structure around the removal. We can provide 1 steel or lintel for the smallest of projects or several. Please note that when removing a wall or creating an open plan space, Building Regulations are required. Removing walls may affect fire regulations - our architects can advise on this, during the process.

Key Building Stages

From planning to completion we will ensure the work we provide runs through all three stages below.

Stage 1 : Building Regulation Design

We’ll have technical drawings made up for your project by one of our expert designers. These will make it possible to prove that the project will comply with drainage, fire safety and other regulations.

Stage 2 : Structural Calculations

Here, we make sure that the design for your project is structurally sound. Our structural engineering services team will apply their materials and construction know-how to the design, and make all the necessary calculations.

Stage 3 : Building Control

We will put together your application and have it vetted by our third party building control company who will sign off and legalise your building work.

Get in touch!

Book in for a casual, no obligation chat with one of our consultants who can talk you through each process of your project and how best Summit can help.

Get in touch!

Book in for a casual, no obligation chat with one of our consultants who can talk you through each process of your project and how best Summit can help.

Overview of Services

The Summit scope of services you will need to complete your project

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We had a great experience with Summit architects, they were really easy to deal with and we obtained planning first time of asking.
Aarav Singh
Aarav Singh
We contacted Summit looking for an architect for extension work we wanted although we didn’t have a clear idea what we specifically wanted. Oliver came and visited in a no obligation basis and we were immediately impressed, with his ideas and guidance. We immediately appointed Summit Architecture. Through their initial design process Oliver listened to what we needed and was available to discuss matters when we needed to. Once we were happy with final plans Nicolette handled the planning application keeping us updated at all stages. Now we are ready to proceed with building works and I am confident without his help we would still be trying to draw plans! I can’t thank Summit enough for their involvement in our planned extension. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for support in handling such a project,
ahmed ali
ahmed ali
I have had an amazing experience with Summit Architecture. They have been attentive from beginning to end and I am so pleased with my new extension. Great team, I’d definitely use them again.
Shirley Bridges
Shirley Bridges
Worked with the team at Summit for a single story back extension. They worked quickly and kept us up to date throughout the process. These guys are great and we would highly recommend them!
Max Bowen
Max Bowen
Prompt, polite, flexible, accommodating, intuitive and overall professional. Would highly recommend their services.
Alex Isaakidis
Alex Isaakidis
We met with 4 different architects before hiring Summit. The team were prompt, concise and professional, very competitive on price, and fully understood our vision for the project.Jimi and the team were approachable and was very patient with some changes that we made to our drawings midway through the design process.We were kept informed on the throughout the process and I would definitely recommend Summit to others, so much so we have engaged their interior designers to help us put the finishing touches to the project. We cant wait to see it.
Max Holland
Max Holland

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