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We understand the stresses of finding a builder which is why we are offering this free service to ensure you get a building that not only provides the best quality of work but also sticks to deadlines!
We serve London and surrounding areas.
We have a selection of trusted builders we can recommend. They include home extension specialists, basement contractors and specialists of all kinds. Each one of these contractors has been vetted by us, which means we check that they have suitable insurance, and we check their previously finished projects and references. However, you are under no obligation to use any of the builders or suppliers we recommend. This service is free to use for our clients.

The Process

  1. We send you a ‘ready to tender’ pdf, with questions for you to fill out.
  2. We collect your documents for tender. We can tender as soon as your proposed plans are ready, but we do recommend having building regulations completed or completing a full scope of work for the most accurate build cost before tendering.
  3. We provide you with details of our builders.
  4. We tender your project to them.
  5. The builders conduct site visits to your property.
  6. The builders forward quotes for your projects.
  7. You select the builder or builders you wish to complete the work.

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Our Packages

We understand that all projects have different budgets, choose the level of service that fits you.
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