You Will Love This Quick DIY! 👀

You asked for a DIY and we decided to bring you one very easy to make

We all love full-length mirrors but we also know that they can be expensive, so why not create your own personalised industrial mirror? We will show you how…

Grab some plywood or some wood material that you no longer use and place it on the floor – where you have space to work with it.

You will need the wood material, some mirror tiles and glue. Divide the mirror equally so all the tiles can fit perfectly. You can play with it by getting different shapes of mirror tiles or just by moving the different squares. What matters is that you like what you are creating!

Then, you will need to have a wood glue so that all the mirror tiles can be fixed without moving. All of the materials we are mentioning should be quite cheap so you do not need to worry about spending a lot of money.

If you want to add an extra personalised touch to it, mix different colours, paint the boarders and in between the tiles.

Let it completely dry and come back to it, the next day, to give it a second coat of paint.

When it comes to where to place the mirror, you can also be creative about it! Some people like to have it in the hall, other would fix it on the wall. It depends on the design of your house but you can find some ideas on Pinterest.

Play with it and place it where it feels more like yourself. The rule here is that there are no rules, when it comes to art and creating DIYs that will suit your home.

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