What Are The Packages Summit Architecture Offers?

We like to make sure our clients have a voice and that we hear you!

Last week, we announced one of our recent projects made by Eleni Vlataki – Summit’s Architectural Designer. This sketch shows exactly what the client will get. Eleni’s hard work is evident as you can see, because the project is done in a very detailed way – from the combination of light and shadow to the textures.

Have a look at it…

Q: Do you have different work packages? How do they vary?

A: The client packages are tailored to their design, vision and project. They depend on the complexity and size of the proposed work – the more complicated the project, the bigger the package would work for it. We also work both in 2D and 3D, depending on the project.

For simpler projects, we design in 2D and the package we suggest would be the one called ‘Essential’. However, if the project is a bit more complicated, starting from rear extensions to new builds, we recommend the packages ‘Essential Plus’, ‘Premium’ and ‘Elite’ which are designed and explored using 3D models. These take longer to be produced but in return, they offer the client the chance to visualize the space better, by ‘walking through’ the spaces and understand the flow of the proposed design (the 3D can either be provided at the end of the process, once we finalize the design – in order to avoid delays before planning – or it can be used as a design tool during the revisions).

As mentioned, we offer different packages for different purposes. Nevertheless, we will always make sure that we can find the right fit for your project and, more important, for your budget. Summit Architecture is known for helping its clients from day one until the project is fully done. This way, you will never feel lost.

We have many different services in our company and we can guarantee you that your ideas and projects will be carefully handled by professionals. If you don’t believe us, check our reviews here.

You can also check the list of services we provide here and we will help you from concept to completion.