Tiny Houses: How to Make the Most of Minimal Space

Tiny houses are fast becoming a popular way to maximise the amount of space you can live in without losing style. There’s an art to designing and building these miniature spaces and a good architecture firm will help you turn your dreams into reality.

A tiny house is a great way to save money and live economically. Some are built off grid, but most are set on small plots of land where a regular home may not fit.

Features to Save Space

When designing a tiny home, it’s important that the space be maximised. You don’t have much of it, so anything that is wasted is a large percentage of the home. With this in mind, you’ll want to look at incorporating the following:

Sliding and Pocket Doors

A traditional door wastes space, so you’ll want to stick to doors that don’t take up space at all. By having them slide into the wall, you eliminate that problem. It’s a good idea to simply reduce the number of doors in the home, as well. You really only need a door on the bathroom and to the outside.

Natural Light

The more natural light flooding in, the bigger your space will feel. Large windows or sliding glass doors will allow you to feel like the outdoors is part of your home. It also provides lots of light, which can boost your mood.

Be sure to invest in double glazed windows so you won’t have higher energy costs with all the natural light, however.

Multi-Functional Features

Everything in a tiny home should have at least two purposes. A bed can lift up to reveal storage beneath it, for example, or a simple set of shelves can swing down to become a desk. There are many options for dual purpose furniture and this should be looked into, but built-in features are also good.

Staircases can double as shelves and you can use the entire bathroom as a shower instead of just adding a stall. Get creative and you can really pack a lot into a tiny home.

Keep in mind that many tiny homes are built atop trailers, so you’ll need to keep the weight down, as well. This all comes down to very good planning and careful additions of features that can be used in multiple ways.

Before you fully design your tiny house, be sure to decide which features you are interested in. You may have a must have list, with things that you insist on including. This will help your architect design the house just the way you want it.

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