Projects That Will Add Value to Your Home

When thinking about putting your home on the market, or even just thinking about improving what you have, it’s smart to take on projects that will increase the value of your property. From quick fixes to more heavy investments, there will always be something you can do to boost your home value. We’ve listed a few options we think will be worthwhile.

There are some projects you can undertake that will be more certain to increase the value of your home than others. We’ll begin with the home improvements that will make the most difference (for most homes) and then move onto some of the other projects to consider that can also bring up values

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

If you have a kitchen that has seen a few years, or a bathroom that’s feeling quite dated, then it might be time for you to pull it into this decade. As these are both rooms where you can bring in a lot more modern technology, it might be a pricey project to take on – and is never your only option – but modernising your kitchen and/or bathroom is a sure fire way to create a more valuable property. Creating rooms that have built-in, functional features is a great way to lure in buyers – e.g. a boiling water tap, or integrated appliances for a more sleek finish. This is an age of ease, so having a room already provide some of the things you need is, instead of you adding it to them, always a plus!

Perhaps the most obvious of these projects are loft conversion and extensions – although these aren’t’ always possible. Some research shows that loft conversions can increase a property’s value up to 20%. Both conversions and extensions give more ‘room’ to the property, adding more square footage. They, like renovations, can be on the expensive side, but again are definitely a worthwhile investment if you have the space available. Ground floor extensions are great for creating extra bathroom space, an office, or even a kitchen-diner. If you’re lucky enough to have a garage on your property, you can always consider converting this too. Some beautiful spaces can be created from garages, but it may not be the best decision if selling, you’ll have to think about what parking will be available.


Another project that could lighten your pocket a little is updating the windows in your home. If you don’t have double glazing then this could be your first consideration. Not only are they more durable, they also save you some money in the long run. Insulating your home is important, alongside the cheaper energy bills, you’re creating a more sustainable home! As simple as it seems, cleaning up windows with little fixes, like removing any buildup in the frames, and doing a quick reseal can be a big point.  Adding a sneaky skylight or two never hurt…

While we realise that not all of these projects listed above are possible for everyone there is always a solution. Some of the less obvious value adds, but not less important, could be for you. 

Doors and Open Space

We’ll move on from windows and go to doors, one of the little details that you can’t always escape in your home is the doors. Sometimes we find that doors fit the style of the time the property was built in. Doors are often overlooked, so take a look at them and if you find they are a little outdated it might be time to replace them. Choosing something minimal is a go to if you have a simple styling, or don’t have a specific styling at all in your home. These can be great for selling too, a simpler design can be more persuasive to buyers than one that has a specific style. On the other hand, instead of replacing doors you can always just remove them. If planning allows, you could also try to remove a wall or two as well. Creating a more open plan living space is a winning choice. Light and airy rooms are well desired in properties now, it might be worth checking in with an architect to see if this is possible in your own home.

Decorating and Landscaping

Last but definitely not least, decorating the interior of your home and landscaping any garden space you might have is very important. While it might not have the most impact on the value of your home it does make it far more desirable. If you’re looking to sell then you might want to consider choosing a more neutral design palette to appeal to a wider range of people. If not then decorating your home could be more of a personal statement, create a space that gives your friends #decorenvy and leaves them wanting more. Creating (and maintaining) a garden that adds value to your home probably sounds easier than it is. Gardening isn’t for everyone – but a simple and tidy garden is always a pleaser. Neatening up your outdoor space, or perhaps even putting in some wooden decks if you have the room can give some extra points to your property. Creating these spaces, both indoors and out can be a super fun take on value adding projects!