Get to Know Our Project Coordinators

Meet our project coordinators: Cheryl & Greta!

Summit Architecture is a one-stop shop, where we offer all the services you need from concept to completion. One of our most FAQ is “who will be coordinating my project?” and this is where Cheryl and Greta play one of the most fundamental roles in the company. They are the ones that will be guiding you from the moment you start working with Summit, until the end.

Why are the project coordinators important?

Greta and Cheryl are the piece that connects the client with the architects. This way, you’ll never feel lost thorough your project. They are your point of contact, during the whole process. With a vast experience with team management and team skills, both are capable of coordinating many projects at the same time.

How does the process work?

When you agree in working with Summit, we will allocate you a project coordinator, in this case, Cheryl or Greta. You’ll then receive a project checklist that has all the details of your project – the package you’ve chosen, a list of the included services and the add-on services as well. This project checklist is made specifically for your project and it can be changed along the process.

Do I need to speak with different team members or only with the project coordinators?

It’s essential for us that our clients understand that, the main point of contact will always be your project coordinator. However, in order to make sure everything is being communicated, you’ll might need to speak with other team members. For example, if you decide to buy the Interior Design Package, further down the line, you’ll need to speak with the interior design team as well. The project coordinators will be there regardless, to help and guide you.

Why should I select Summit Architecture to make my dream project become real?

Unlike other architectural firms, Summit offers a wide range of services. Therefore, as mentioned, you wouldn’t need to go to other companies to get structural engineering, for instance, or project management. If you’re still not sure about choosing Summit to build your project, you should read our reviews here.

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