Make the Most of Your Garden Office

Need a little extra privacy for work? With the pandemic, we’ve learned that many people work best from home. However, the chaos inside your home may not lend itself to productivity, which is why a garden office is the perfect way to enjoy both worlds. Here’s how to get the most out of your garden retreat.

Include Natural Light

Windows are a must in any garden office. Not only do you want to see the view of your garden and plants, but natural light is a must. It’s been shown that daylight makes us more alert and productive, which is why it’s so very important to include large windows in the office, as much as possible. Make those windows sliding and you can enjoy fresh air, too.

Build for Productivity

A garden office isn’t very big, but that doesn’t matter. Before you build, consider what you plan to do there. Then design the space accordingly. If you paint, for example, you’ll need a place to rinse your brushes and shelves to store your supplies, as well as a place to hang your finished paintings. An accountant will need a desk and chair with space for a computer. Consider your needs and build around them.

Make It Comfortable

There’s no reason to be uncomfortable in your office, so look at what you need and then do it. A good office chair, for example, will do wonders for keeping you comfy, while a nice carpet underfoot can also make it easier to walk around. A small heater or cooling device will help you stay just the right temperature as you work, too.

Isolate Your Office

Wherever possible, move your office as far from the home as you can in your space. This should be a retreat, where you go to work and feel like you’re away from the needs of the house. If you’re too close to home, you may be tempted to run and do the laundry or wash dishes when you should be working.

Bring In the Comforts of Home

It’s just not practical to constantly dash to the house to get drinks or food, so plan ahead to include some creature comforts in your office. At the very least, a kettle so you can make a cup of tea is necessary. However, if you add a mini fridge and a microwave, you can keep cold drinks and snacks on hand, as well.

A home office is a wonderful thing and when it’s out in your garden, you can easily walk out to work at any time of day or night.

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