What Is a Maisonette?

Today, we’ll be revealing the differences between a maisonette and a flat, listing all the pros and cons of owning a maisonette.

What’s the difference between a maisonette and a flat?

The easiest and simplest way of replying to this is question is: a maisonette is a self-contained flat, which has its own door. In the other hand, flats usually has a shared door, which means you’ll have to walk through the same corridor as the other people living in this building.

Let’s look at the benefits of owning a maisonette!

1. It’s cheaper!

Compared to the bespoke flats you find in Central London, maisonettes are way cheaper and, if you’re thinking about the longevity of this property, this would be a great way of adding value to it. As it is a cheaper investment, you would be able, for instance, to buy the property, refurbish it – which would add a lot of value to it – and resell it.

2. You’ll have more space

Flats can be quite expensive for what you actually get. It’s hard to fit everything in one flat, especially in London, where the prices can be high. If you own a maisonette, usually these are a two-storey flat which can accommodate more space. Most often, you’ll also have a loft, where you can store more things.

3. Garden room

A huge difference between flats and maisonettes is the fact that you’re more likely to get a garden, when owning a maisonette. It might be a shared garden but, when living in a flat, you won’t be able to have a garden. This can be a dealbreaker when choosing the right option for your budget.

4. Community

Both flats and maisonettes have something really beneficial in common. Maisonettes are typically located in busy places, such as above shops and/or restaurants, which makes it more accessible and lively. If you own a house, which isn’t in the middle of the city, you’re most certainly going to have fewer shops around and you’ll probably need to have a car to commute.

All in all, maisonettes might be the best option for someone who’s looking for something less expensive and, if a flat isn’t the right fit for you or for your budget, maisonettes might be. See more ideas on our Pinterest by clicking on the image below!


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