Let’s Add Value to Your Property?

During 2021, Summit Architecture worked on several projects, adding value to many homes around the UK.

One of the most requested projects was Extension. In the following images, we will show you the existing and proposed drawings for a side and rear extension, we’ve designed in South London.

Why are extensions a great add?

An extension might be costly but it’s a great option for those who want to make their property valuable. For example, if you’re thinking about selling the property, the investment you’ve made in this extension will be 100% worth it.  Not only you’re creating more space in your house but you’re also giving it a purpose.

Another important aspect is the fact that you can have an open space, which will make your life way easier. As you can see on the image of this project we’ve done, you can gather the kitchen, dinning room, living room and garden all on the same perspective. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, let’s look at the plans designed by Summit Architecture (and look at these rooflights!)

If you’d like Summit Architecture to help you make your house a Home, contact us today and let’s build your dream space. Leave your contact details below, your enquiry and request a call back, today!