4 Interior Design Trends to Note for SS22!

Summer is here and so is the good weather and long sunny days! How can you make it even better and make the most out of your home? Summit will give you some ideas that will help you create your ideal space. Let’s have a look.


1. Ceramics

We all know that ceramics are a great piece of decoration that will add some personality to your home. Why? Because they are usually simple and very delicate. These create and add harmony to your environment. You can pick and choose the different types of ceramics you’d like to have. From colours to different formats… be creative and choose your favourite style!

2. Terracotta & earthy tones

When talking about trendy tones, terracotta and different sorts of brown are indeed our go-to. We believe that both brown and terracotta tones create this idea of being close with nature and being comfortable and grounded, in general. Perhaps because it has an earthy tone, which resembles nature and makes it more homey. Are these two tones your favourite as well?

3. Outdoor lighting

Even though the daylight is longer, during the Summer, it’s known by many that lights can create a cosy environment. Think about those late evenings you want to spend with your family and friends in the garden… what would make it even better? A good set of warm lights! Don’t forget, Summit also designs garden rooms and we can help you create your dream garden.

Another great factor about outdoor lighting is that you can get the solar ones – which is environmentally friendly as well!

4. Plants & greenery

Who else loves plants and the life that they bring to your home? This is a great way of adding colour to your space as well. It’s also proven that plants help improve our moods, help to focus and reduce stress, which consequently will help boost your health. Plants are overall a great piece of decoration and it makes your home look fresh and full of joy. Place them where you prefer, either in the office, living room or bathroom. Make them part of your living space!

We can help you design your dream Interior. You’re just one design consultation away from achieving your goals! Get started, today.

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