How to Fill Your Loft Conversion

If you’re not considering a loft conversion now, you definitely will be after this. We’ve collected a few of our favourite ideas for making the most stylish loft conversions. Instead of just adding some extra space – make your loft conversion another beautiful floor in your home. 

Whether you live alone, or have kids, we have included some inspo for you! Here are our favourite ways to make the most of your loft:

Making it a guest bedroom

One of the most popular ways to use your loft conversion is putting a spacious bedroom up there. Like the one above, bedrooms fit beautifully in the cosy space that loft conversions offer. The slopes ceilings offer nice nooks for you to put a bed, and perhaps even an armchair and bookshelf, creating small sections of space in one room that offer their own version of relaxation. Make this space somewhere you love, not just an addition to the numbers of bedrooms in your home.

Make the most of those angles

We love a room with character! Why don’t you use the angles that your loft conversion already has to offer to create a unique and fun space in your home. We love to see a room that makes the most of these shapes. Think about putting a desk or maybe some storage under the sloped ceiling so the space in these areas doesn’t go to waste! If you’re using this conversion as a bedroom you could consider a chest of drawers or even put the headboard to your bed here, if you’re using the conversion as a bathroom you can always install towel racks here too!

Playroom for those little bundles of joy!

If space for your kids (and all of their toys) is something you lack then creating a playroom in your loft might be the next best thing. Create a fun and colourful enrichment space for you children, with most conversions boasting lots of natural light this will be a great place to try bolder and brighter colours in your home. With the opportunity to add extra storage this is also a great opportunity to have a home for all of the little knick-knacks that come along with kids. Adding a play mat and toy chest will make this a cute area, for you and your kids to play.

If you have older kids at home – this can be a perfect space for them to have to themselves, put in a desk and a comfy bean bag and now its a little haven – perfect for doing homework and unwinding after!

Discover those views

Large windows are always a stunning addition to any home. Loft conversions are great because, for the most part, they give higher views into the sky and across the treetops. These beautiful balcony windows start off flat against the sloped roof, and fold out into these wide windows that you can stand up and look out of. Creating a small, almost outdoor, space in your loft is a fabulous touch and a perfect project to start just in time for summer!

Making extra room for those newly found hobbies

If over lockdown you picked up a new hobby or two, and found that your home is now cluttered with knitting needles or DIY tools, consider making your loft a dedicated space for your new hobbies. Put in a workbench or even create yourself a home gym – a treadmill or exercise bike could be perfect! No matter what you’re interested there is always a way to make room for it. Create a fun artistic space, put an easel in a corner, or if you have big enough windows place it where you can take inspiration from the views around you. A yoga sanctuary is a great idea too – some beautiful plants, a mat on the floor and mood lighting creates a perfect scene for you to relax in! There are plenty of fun, recreational things you can use for inspiration when decorating your loft!

Add some fun lighting and small pictures/personal touches and you’re good to go in your own space, leaving the rest of your house free of clutter.

Create yourself a living space

This is perfect for those who relax in different ways to other people in their home. Imaging this: your partner is watching a sports final on the TV, bar snacks and lots of cheering – all you want to do is wind down somewhere quiet, listening to music or watching a film. You can always create an extra (don’t forget cosier) living space in your loft. Perfect for blocking out the noise, the loft can become a space for you to be after a long day, where you can read or even take a nap!

This is also a perfect idea for families who have older kids – creating a separate living space allows your kids to have their friends over and not step on your toes, or gives you a place to escape to while the kids run around downstairs.

Create a mini greenhouse

If you are a plant lover – this idea is for you. Loft conversions are ideal for growing plants who like the warmth. These rooms often get tons of natural light, and are warm ,cosy spots. With the right care and watering your plants will love a loft conversion. Create a beautiful green room with plants potted and hanging all around. Again – this will be a perfect spot in the summer for you to sit down in and relax, unwind with a book surrounded by your little green friends.

Add an en suite

What all the space in a loft conversion means is you can have room to add your own shower room, or even bathroom! These are perfect if you are using the loft as a guest bedroom, your guests don’t have to clamber back up the stairs in a towel after using your bathroom. It’s also perfect to have if you’re using the room as a home gym, finish and wash up and you’re good to go. It also adds a little extra value to your home (always a plus) and can make it more desirable to buyers when you’re ready to move on. Always a worthwhile investment.