Have You Thought About These DIYs?

Today we will give you some tips on how to DIY your house. From making use of things you don’t utilize anymore to organizing your cabinet. Change your house by adding your personal touch and flavour to it! We will show you how…

Do you have pallets creating dust in your basement?

Make use of them!

With lockdown, people felt the need to change their environment and furniture as well. The pallet bed has been a trend for a while now and it’s great if you’re on a budget. If you don’t like the colour of the wood, you can always paint it with shades that suit your room. You can even add some lights inside the pallets and when it’s dark in the room it will give a nice effect.

If you’re not a fan of pallets in your room, you can always do this for an outdoor hanging bed or to create a coffee table for your garden. Add some cushions to the pallets and you will have a sofa, where you and your friends can gather for summer nights. If you put some wheels on the pallet, you’ll be able to move it around as well. If you want to create your own bed frame with pallets, they also work amazingly for that purpose.

All in all, add colours, stick the pallets on the wall, put some flowers, lights and you will have your own designed furniture.

Too many bowls and plates?

If you have your cupboard full of bowls and plates that no one uses, but you don’t want to throw them away… we have the perfect solution for you!

Make some drawings on the plates, give them a bit of colour and hang them on the wall. You can have your little personalised corner in the house with a few plates on the wall. If you need some inspiration, you can get it from the famous Turkish ceramics, for instance, but instead of spending a lot of money on it, you can create your own designs.

If you prefer, you can do this with bowls instead. You can turn your bowl, which was initially there for food, into a bowl where you can put your jewellery, for instance. It’s something often used because it’s decorative and aesthetic.

No space in the cabinet?

We all have that cabinet that we neglect every time we open it. Usually, it’s the one with the cleaning products, because no one sees it and it’s packed with products we don’t use. If you love organization, we have an amazing DIY for you… hear us out!

Instead of piling all the products in there, make use of the door by adding some wire shelving to it – you can use hanging shelves, for example. This will give you a clear view of the products that you have and it will be easier to reach them, instead of having all the products on a pile.

Usually, when the products aren’t organized, we eventually stop using them since we can’t see them.
With these organizational tips, you’ll be able to see all the products you have as well as make the most out of them.

You can do this with all the cabinets in your house, if you like the idea.

These are just some of our ideas – follow us on our socials and let us know if you’ve tried any of these DIYs.