Four Reasons Why Converting Your Loft is a Good Idea

If you’re running out of space or have a growing family, your home must be practical for your needs. Converting your loft space is a great way of using every inch of your property to the fullest and with so many uses for the attic, it’s a great investment.

Here are four top reasons why converting your loft is a good idea.

You need additional living space

In a busy family home, things can get pretty cramped easily. By adding a loft you have more room to play with whether you and your partner would like a luxury bedroom, your children need somewhere to study or you simply want a more private space to chill out. It’s surprising just how much fantastic living space is going to waste when your loft isn’t converted – even a small loft conversion will make your house feel like it has grown a lot.

You don’t want to move house

Most people start house hunting when they outgrow their current home, but moving isn’t the only option. If you love where you currently live then home renovation will allow you to have the best of both worlds. Building a loft is a great way of creating a how that can grow with you over the years so you can build your dream property.

Lofts add value

Attics have a lot of potential so by converting the space into a useable area you can add thousands of pounds to your property’s value. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home any time soon, the renovations and changes that you do make should have a positive impact on the value. Plus, if you do decide to sell then you’ll make a healthy profit.

Better insulation

There’s nothing better than a toasty warm home that doesn’t make your heating bill skyrocket! A larger percentage of heat is lost through the roof, but when the space is converted it will be fitted with insulation along the walls, floors and ceiling so extra warmth is trapped inside your property.

At Summit Architecture, our professional team of designers and engineers will make your loft conversion ideas into reality. If you’ve been dreaming of a stunning dressing room or a light and airy bedroom, we can turn your loft into a practical space that you’ll love. Get in touch with us today for projects across Leeds, Manchester and London.