Boosting Productivity When Working From Home

Boosting Productivity When Working From Home
Boosting Productivity When Working From Home

Working from home has been a welcome addition to many of our lives, allowing us to have more flexibility and freedom whilst simultaneously saving money on commuting and parking. Even though working from home has its countless benefits, the distractions and temptations can be disruptive to the amount of work we produce.

Procrastination can be a real weakness for those working from home. From home improvements to designated breaks, here are just a few ways you can boost productivity when working from home.

Take a Break

Even though working from home can be enjoyable in the sense that you are in your own environment, spending your whole working day in one room can be so intense and overwhelming that it impacts your workload. Whilst it may seem counterintuitive to have breaks to increase productivity, working for long periods of time can cause burnout. It is therefore important to have several breaks throughout the day to switch off from work, breathe in some fresh air and put your mind to something else. Exercising or partaking in yoga could also be an effective way for you to switch off from work so that when you do return back to your desk, you are motivated and ready to tackle the challenge ahead.

Home Improvement

Although it has its benefits, working in the same environment where family, pets or electronic devices are present can be detrimental to your productivity. One way of mitigating these distractions is by having a house extension to create a work environment. Having a house extension to create a room that is exclusively used for work allows you to block out any of the distractions in your home. Working in other areas like the kitchen or bedroom can make it difficult to separate work from your personal life.

Minimise Electronic Device Use

Perhaps the most obvious way to boost your productivity is by limiting the amount of time you spend using phones or tablets whilst working. Social media itself can be massively detrimental to productivity, so it is important to restrict this as much as you can. It might be a good idea to leave your phone upstairs or alternatively change your settings so that you are only allocated a certain amount of time on an app per day. For example, if the amount of time you spend on Facebook is negatively impacting your work productivity, then set a thirty-minute daily limit to help you stay productive throughout the working day.

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