3 Home Design Trends That Will Define 2022

Our surroundings have a big influence on our mood and frame of mind. That’s why it’s important to make sure our home not only suits our practical needs, but also our emotional ones.

What’s on-trend can change at any time, for any reason – for instance, the coronavirus pandemic has hugely impacted what we want out of our homes going forwards. Nobody can predict the future, but this blog from Summit Architecture is going to try anyway! Keep reading to find out some of the home design trends that are set to succeed in 2022.

Bringing outside in

We spend approximately 93% of our time indoors, away from the peace nature brings – it’s no wonder we’re always stressed. Natural elements are known to revitalise and destress, so one of the main trends of 2022 will be to bring them indoors.

This could mean getting house plants, a roof garden, or a herb planter for your windowsill, or it could be a little subtler. Neutral and earthy colours will be a big hit next year. Beige, cream, grey, ivory, taupe, and khaki tones can bring a sense of calm to your home, but still give you options when it comes to accent colours. Slightly bolder colours like terracotta, mustard yellow, various shades of green, and muted blue shades are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide a hint of excitement while still staying true to the earthy colour scheme.

Biophilic architectural designs are likely to increase in popularity over the next few years, in an attempt to cultivate calming, revitalising spaces through visual connection with nature. Also, homes constructed with sustainability in mind tend to incur lower maintenance costs, reduce utility bills, and return higher profits upon selling up. These perks might bring about increased demand for eco-friendly homes which use natural construction materials such as brick, stone, and wood.


Thanks to the recent popularity of open-plan architectural designs, people have begun to appreciate the flexibility a multifunctional home can provide. The kitchen was once used only for cooking, but it has become the hub of the home due to this desire for multifunctionality. Kitchens are now a space for the whole family to come together to cook, eat, do homework, read, play games, or even work.

The same logic can apply to living spaces, or your home office – multipurpose furniture can work wonders. Why have a single-purpose room when you could adapt it to a variety of needs and really make the most of your space?

Decorative bathrooms

The typical bathroom is fairly boring: it has all the key components but lacks any character. This looks set to change in 2022, partly brought about by the increase in bathroom size in recent years. Rather than being a practical space for fulfilling basic human needs, the bathroom could become a decorative space to relax in. This could be achieved through artwork, bold and colourful tiling, exposed plumbing fixtures, luxury light fittings, or even just interesting materials like marble, copper, and wood.

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