10 Interior Design Trends to Note for SS21

One of the most defining phenomena that will shape interior design in 2021 is, of course, lockdown. Our homes have become full of warmth, comfort and personal decorations. There has been a noticeable shift from the sleek, muted aesthetic that took over interior styling in the last decade, to a more colourful and busy look. We’ve listed some of the trends we think will rise to the top for spring and summer this year.

1) Houseplants

Homes are getting greener, there’s no denying it. It would only take one look on Instagram or Pinterest to see that houseplants are coming back in a big way. What started with an interest in small succulents has grown into something much larger. From snake plants to avocados, people are adopting more plants in their homes – whether it’s green giants or a baby cactus, there’s a place for it in your home. 

Take a trip to your local plant shop (or to Pinterest) and see which plants grab your attention, don’t forget to read up on how to care for your plants. Try Pothos for a beautiful vining plant, wrap around your shelves/bookcase and let it grow – it’s also nearly impossible to kill! If you want to add a subtle shot of colour to a room, consider Aglaonema, which comes in an array of beautiful warm colours, greens,  pinks, reds, and whites. For flowering plants Orchids can be quite a beautiful and elegant addition to a room, their bold colours can instantly transform a dull desk into a happy space.

2) Minimalism

While the world is surely moving on from the sleek, all-white interior styling that we all loved so much, minimalism is sticking around. Think warmer neutral tones but jazz it up with different textures and materials. Warm woods, of all colours, and fabrics like linen are back on the scene. One thing we will see for certain in 2021 are stone-toned kitchens, clean counters and sleek storage.

The grey kitchen that was so popular in the last decade is on its way out, replacing it with warmer beiges, browns, and even greens on cupboard doors, bringing an overall calming effect to your home. To spruce up your kitchen, consider picking a neutral colour scheme and repainting! You can also try moving all of your larder essentials from their packaging into sets of sleek glass containers to create a less cluttered, eco-friendly finish (and we love that!)

3) Maximalism

On the opposite end of the spectrum from minimalism, maximalism. Close your eyes and imagine busy surfaces, patterned wallpapers, and unending amounts of knick-knacks, maximalism is all about a space being filled. It leans towards brighter colours – keep rich jewel tones on your radar – and eccentric patterns.

With more of our time being spent at home there is a lot of time to find bargain buys on Ebay or Facebook Market place for quicky pre-loved gifts. Those funky candlestick holders you bought on Etsy? The collection of clay vases you taught yourself to make in our second lockdown? Try arranging them on your coffee table, or office desk perhaps, for a more personalised and lived-in feel. Patterns we will see picking up speed are bright biophillics, from elephants to blooming flowers, expect to see flora and fauna on your favourite inspiration sites soon.

Throws and pillows are always a good way to add statement colour and pattern to a room, and you can never have too much with maximalism. Try looking for some statement patterned pillowcases and lampshades or rugs to add a little flavour to your home.

We recommend revamping boring old cupboards and walls with some high-quality vinyl, try Jes Rose for some out-there prints. You can also consider making a room feel more full by choosing a fun new wallpaper to brighten the place up! Patterns we will see picking up speed are bright biophilic – from elephants to blooming flowers – expect to see flora and fauna on your favourite inspiration sites soon.

4) Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is a surefire way to bring warmth to a room. Coloured lights reminiscent of 80s era neon lights have resurfaced recently thanks to social media. While they have always been close to our hearts, the new wave of using colour changing LED strips is less retro and more modernised. These coloured lights and lamps can be used to shape the energy of a room. Try a red wash for a more focused and energetic energy, or a blue wash to create a sense of calm and relaxation. Thanks to the rise in popularity of these LED strips, we will be seeing a lot more backlighting too this year. To modernise a room you can always try installing lights behind your mirrors, behind TVs, or even under your bed to create a futuristic, warm glow. If you have the perfect lighting already but are looking for a little more personality – try choosing a statement lampshade for your hanging lights, bringing both height and your own personal touch to the room. 

5) Zoom Havens

By now, we are all familiar with Zoom. As most of our everyday itinerary is being replaced by online calls and conferences, we seem to be finding ourselves spending all of our time in one space. A Zoom haven would be this space reinvented, we want to spend our time somewhere comfortable, but also engaging. If you have a home office, you can always add to the decor with more personal touches, for example putting more pictures around the space for you to look at, or more curios on your desk to keep you busy. The idea is you can create a space in which keeps your brain engaged and present, so you’re not switching off in your two-hour work zoom meeting – Zzzzzz…

Another way to focus the mind is to have an organised workspace. To achieve this you can always have a look around for sets of stationery drawers, pen pots, and folders to keep your area organised. You also want the frame behind you looking picture perfect on video calls, you can always try introducing shelves, which double as more storage space. You can keep your personal items, like pictures, or interesting books on these shelves. This is always a great, subtle way to show off your personality!

6) Statement Comfort Pieces

2021 will be known as the year of comfort only. As we live out this year at home, it’s important to create a space away from the home office that you are relaxed and comfortable in. In bedrooms and living rooms, there is always something you can do to bring a room to the next level. If you’re a fan of fashion or design you will definitely have seen ‘that’ sofa online.  The Mario Bellini Camaleonda is the image of plush comfort. A modular sofa, that you can style to fit your home, is perfect for creating an area that suits you. We all want a space that looks and feels like an escape from day to day stresses, where we can leave work and wind down. Ways to achieve this in your home might be anything from adding more pillows and cushions into space or choosing a nice chunky knit blanket to accompany you to the sofa after dinner. You can also consider investing in a new, statement chair to place in your living room, or even bedroom, where you can relax, and work on any hobbies or catch up on reading. 

7) Earth Tones

Natural might be the new neutral. Earth tones are becoming quite a design spectacle, with their brown undertones, they definitely can find their place in any room. With the spectrum of colours available you will be able to find the right colour for you, no matter where you want it. An ‘earth tone’ is a colour that you find in the natural world, like oyster, sand, tans, as well as some brighter colours like peach, sage and turquoise. What works especially well with this colour palette is that you can mix and match colours as you like, because most of the colours have similar undertones. Some of the more popular colours for SS21 will be sage green, chartreuse, classic blue (Pantone’s colour of the year 2021) and burnt sienna. Sage and chartreuse can be used to mellow a room, they fit very well in kitchen and dining areas, whereas classic blue and sienna palettes will work better in living rooms and more energetic spaces, definitely bringing a pop of colour to a room.

8) Wicker and Rattan

Wicker and Rattan furniture made their way into the spotlight in the late 60s, early 70s. Since then, we have seen the odd wicker basket, but nothing much more in the way of statement wicker and rattan furniture. Wicker is creeping back into our lives – especially in bedrooms, we welcome the introduction of more wicker, especially rattan, bed frames, bedside tables and even wardrobes. The pale wooden effect fits perfectly with earth tones, creating a light, airy and warm room. Wicker furniture can also give an exotic feel to a room, creating the perfect escape in your own home – we are looking at you are minimalistic friends.

9) Mismatched Furniture

Matching furniture sets are a thing of the past. A trend we see for this spring season is refurbishing furniture. On social media, we’re definitely seeing a lot of old, used furniture that’s been given new life by nifty designers and DIYers. This is a great new way to find the perfect pieces for your home because it allows you to take something you like and turn it into a brand new something that you love. Most of the time, older pieces of furniture, especially second-hand furniture will come with only one piece, not in a set. Including several of these in your home can create a very unique and tailored look that you won’t find anywhere else! A great way to show personality in your home.

If you already have a piece of furniture that sticks out, like an accent table that’s the wrong wood finish, you can always strip it down, and repaint it to a colour that suits your home perfectly. There are tons of videos online that will show you exactly how to do this.  Online you’ll also find lots of other ways of refurbishing old furniture, like using vinyl or tiles to decorate your finds. You may even find that you can spruce up old drawers or furniture by adding small trims around the edges at the front of the piece. Adding, or even recolouring handles on items in your home is always a quick and easy way to bring some fresh colour to your furniture. 

10) Sustainably Sourced Items

It’s always a good idea to look for pieces second-hand before you buy brand new – this can also be a lot cheaper too! Buying second-hand helps reduce waste and gives you the opportunity to find things you won’t find in stores. It’s a great way to find antique items that have been loved before. You can always breathe a little new life into older items, and for the most part, they are sturdier than they may look. We will also be seeing a shift in popularity to stores that can offer a guarantee of sustainability, and stores that are doing their part to save the environment. With the global climate crisis, as well as issues with ethically sourced materials, looming over us, there’s always a reminder that you should be aware of where your items are coming from. As well as furniture, this applies to your bed sheets, curtains, trinkets, and more. Support sustainability when you can. It’s not always possible, but definitely makes the items in your home more meaningful – especially if you made them yourself! This year will also be a time to explore online for small businesses to support. Next time you need a new canvas for your hallway, or pottery to decorate your dining room, check online to see if you can source one from someone who may need your support this year.